Saturday, March 1, 2014

He Went Fishing A Mile Off The Coast What he Saw in The Deep Waters Broke my Heart

John was fishing frequently in the coast of Sarasota Florida. One day something at least weird happened. As he was fishing smoothly in the deep sea, a mile off coast, he was very surprised seeing a weird fish(at least that's what he thought at first sight) coming near his boat.

What was that? He whispered in his mind. I've never seen such a kind of fish. At that moment he was quite unsure what to do "I didn't knew what to do at that time, I was kind of afraid because I didn't realize what was going on."
After a thought of mind, and a second look he realized that what was following him wasn't a marine creature. "When I realized that I was puzzled. How can this happen to me? I saw that furry thing and thought it's an animal but what can an animal do at such a distance from shore?"

As you can see below, the creature was an animal, but why would it go at such a length into the deep sea? What could have make him do such a gesture?

After all, when the mystery unveiled, it was when he pulled the animal into his kayak, and YES, it was a dog

At that moment, the problem was that the space was to narrow for both of us to fit into the kayak, he was to afraid to move, clearly traumatized in a way and seem a bit hit into his right paw.

Here is the moment the weird animal came near his boat

The question popped up into the fisher's mind at the moment he saw the dog trembling into his boat"He surely passed through an emotional situation, I thought, maybe that was the reason for his runaway from the land"

Here, the fellow was spotted by the fisher but he didn't knew what kind of animal/fish he was

"After all those events, I managed to calm down the dog and pet him to shore. When we arrived at the beach, I got up from the boat and started packing my equipment in order to get him to the nearest veterinary center."

Here he was unpacking his equipment very fast

After I managed to alert the local authorities, I found out that a 22 year old DRUNK driver, Blake Talman which fled from his crush, killed Donna L.Chen an old lady which was the owner of the dog.
Miraculously, the dog escaped unharmed but scared to death he ran as fast as he could, when the land finished, he started swimming into the Ocean, after hours drifting into the ocean, another miracle happened, he found the fisher with a BIG HEART which took him ashore and went with him to the nearest veterinary center.

The dog was waiting here patiently for him to finish his chores

As he went with the dog to the vet, they told him that his paw is a bit injured but his overall state is fine without taking in consideration that he is overly exhausted by his swimming hours in the ocean.

Here is obvious that the little fellow's paw is hurt
Without taking in consideration the empty part of the glass, the day ended up well for the doggy which found his new owner and now is in a good condition :)

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