Friday, March 7, 2014

Through Which Method Are These Russians Catching Over 10.000 Fish in One Try

Whao, you know, Russians never cease to amaze me, but this method is truly amazing. But when it comes to creativity and innovation inside a field which doesn't request a large amount of money, on the contrary, which requests a large amount of creativity and a small amount of money, they are top, top inventors.
So, what was in their mind this time?
It's an inevitable question which has a common answer, they were trying to solve a tough problem with low resources. How can I get as many fishes possible with the lowest resources from my part? And I think they managed to solve this problem in quite an interesting way. I don't know how many of us would have thought at this solution. So let's see the video and enjoy this creativity scene

Now if you're an experienced fisherman you might've seen something somehow similar, don't know if quite the same technique but something that looks alike. Well I mean you have to be not just an ordinary fisherman, you have to have somewhat experience in the fishing industry in order to see this kind of approach.
So let's see how did they brought so much of a fish to land. It should be a quite interesting process.

So firstly, they had dig a hole in the big thick block of ice, after that they had prepared a big net, which was ready to be placed inside the big hole.
Don't worry, the big net will not be loosed inside the cold waters of the lake, they have thought at this before and done it a several times, as the proverb with practice there comes perfection, the people are ready to pull the fishes out of the frozen lake.
And YES, look at them, over ten thousand fishes came out of the lake, it's a quite impressive figure, thinking that it took such a short time to get them. But don't think this was easy, the Russians had a hidden feature that led them to their impressive catch, that which only by seeing the video. So take a look at the video and tell us what's your impression about it.

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