Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Once in A Lifetime - Fish Giving Birth to 13 Alive Babies

Have you ever seen anything like this? Well seeing this fish caught by these fishermen, really didn't announce anything special, it looked like a plain fish from the sea. But after a close inspection guess what they seen. They've seen that something was struggling in this old "lad".
What could that be, everyone on the boat asked the most experienced fisherman?

Well, let's found out said the man in charge. This is how it all begun. He took a knife, an started cutting open into the mommy's belly (or maybe it wasn't a mommy, it was just a big old boy who was hungry, well we'll never find that out) and guess what happened. A little fishy came out of his belly. After that, another one, and another one, in the first 25 seconds,8 small fishes popped out of the big old mommy/hungry daddy.
How could this happen you might ask? Well first of all we should see the video. After seeing the video we should start discussing about how it was all possible. So let's enjoy these minutes where the fishermen get the small fishes out of the big one's belly :) Well it all started very simple, the guy and his family was out in the Ocean fishing. Together they had a wonderful time and nothing could break their relaxed atmosphere.
That is that so what happened next? Well dad caught a fish, you could say yes...and, nothing special... Not quite, not quite I might add, that fish had something in his belly that you've never seen up until now.

This is the mommy or as I said before, the malicious fish who ate the little guys.
So daddy wanted to see what's inside it because he saw something mingling inside of it. So he took a knife and started opening the fish's belly.
And guess what happened, a little fellow popped up. Look see him here:
And after that another two came, and another one, and a second time another two
So in total, in the first seconds there were around 9 little fellows popping up from the big one. What could it happen next? Well the big fellow had something more to share with us, not just 9 babies. You should watch the video and tell us your opinion about it. Do you think that poor mommy gave birth to so many babies or was it a big chunky one who ate the poor little fellow alive and after that he was chopped to death?
Waiting for your replies on our page.

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