Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Most Amusing Comedy Show You Have Ever Seen

Well lately, i've been checking out a lot of interesting sites around the web, some had a few interesting videos, others had a lot. In this period of time I've channeled my energy into finding new and interesting videos which are worth sharing with you guys.

To speak sincerely, I've NEVER seen such a video in the past 10 months, I've laughed with tears seeing it, it captured me from the first sight

The representation is part of an entertainment show which took place in France with the aim of making people laugh and enjoying themselves. What was the end result? Well all the people present in the hall laughed out of their seats, amused by the two guys talent of not showing any part of their body while juggling with their towels up in the air.
Sincerely guys, you should really see this video, it's totally worth it. Now how could I describe the things happening in the video better than teasing you with cuts from the video itself. As you can see below the two people appeared on stage with two big white towels and started jumping, juggling and doing all sorts of crazy stuff while having them over their parts of the body.

When they tried some more interesting juggling with the towels, they were applauded by the whole crowd which had such a wonderful time watching these two funny guys.
Up in the middle of the spectacle, one of the guys dropped his big white towel which was replaced with a little small white one that he found on the scene, the moment grabbed the attention and the laughter of the whole crowd which started insanely applauding them.
But wait, there is more, in the end of the show, they've prepared something truly magic, one of them dropped the small white towel and finished the show... well you know, without nothing covering his body, but it's really, really interesting how in the same time they covered the body and keep the public interested in their next moves.
You should really, really see their representation without doubt, if you could be in person present at such a show, it really makes the money worth paying for :)
Waiting for the comments in the comment section where to get amused together at their representation

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