Saturday, March 1, 2014

You will not believe who have these supercars !

Where in the world you have seen the world's fleet of cars in the possession of the police? I am 100% convinced that nowhere.It looks like anything that is impossible on entire world it is possible here in Dubai.

Why say this? Just look at these marvels of technology for hundreds of thousands of dollars and you will realize that I am right.I feel that nothing can stop these Arabs and their eccentricity.

Therefore Dubai police is proud a fleet of several million dollars made ??by the most luxurious and fastest cars in the world.Cars like Lambo Aventador , Ferrari , Chevrolet , Bugatti and even the newest acquisition Mclaren Mp4 are part of this royal fleet i would say.

Arab sheikhs said that this cars of hundreds of thousands of dollars have been purchased for the smooth running of traffic in Emirates Pearl and also to fight speeding cars available to the rich guys.Among their words we could unravel that this type of aquisition for the fleet of Police it is perfect for expressing the opulent that Dubai currently is identified.

Dubai police chief said he was pleased with purchases made for the smooth conduct of affairs and said that the aesthetics of luxury car will help to accentuate the class image of the city.

The favorite car of the arab sheikhs is the famous Bugatti Veyron who has a matching price of his opulence no less then 1,2 million dollars.Next one is the Mclaren MP4-12C which cost "only" about 1 million dollars and third the Lamborghini Aventador who is valued at half a million dollars.

In United Arab Emirates the leading cause of death are road accidents. One person dies in this traffic accidents at every 26 hours.The causes are principaly speeding ,talking on the phone whil driving and not wearing seat belt ant that's why is the increased number of accidents and deaths.

So richness does not take place following traffic rules and does not make you immortal. So they thought the cops that as many offenders reaching speeders will eradicate one of the major causes of the tragedies that occurred on roads deluxe Metropole.

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