Saturday, March 1, 2014

This is What I Call A Training Baby !!!

Over the years, Frank Medrano, a new type of body builder, has trained extensively just with his bodyweight, some kind of odd objects, but exclusively he used his own weight in those exercises too.

On his website, he quotes "I strongly believe that The most important aspect to any conditioning program is you" and he is right, if you can't keep up a healthy life, eating healthy food, having a 8 hours a night sleep without going to bed at late hours, without going out and drink up until the morning, regardless of you workout program and equipment you have your life in hand if you don't plan it accordingly with your values, you won't be able to be fit or even do a long term plan with your life.

So what's with all the fuss with this type of training lately? Why does he got over 12 MILLION views in less than 4 months?

Well let's check it out and see what he does:

Firstly he starts off with warming his body and mind
As we've said before, it's very important to be in shape both physically and psychically. And Frank knows this well, so before each training, he warms up his body and after that he concentrates in a state of meditation in order to get the best out of each and every training. So if you are a bodybuilder or just an amateur trying to build up some muscles, keep in mind this advice, fist warm you psychic and after that start warming your body, you have to keep a state of mind of deep motivation and inner peacefulness in order to get out the best out of you in every moment.
He looks like he's in shape, right now he started his body warming techniques
Before every training he says, you have to be toned up and warm as much as possible, you wouldn't want to get injuries or torn up muscles in a training, considering that you use your body mass, it is very easily to have problems during the training. So before you start training, put for about 15-20 minutes into you warm up session. You don't want to get to have problems which could keep you off your training for weeks if not, even months.
He starts with some push ups, some upside down push ups, which apparently aren't so easy to do
So, the point here is that you should start with exercises that fit your state of development. If this is the first training you attend, definitely you shouldn't try this kind of exercises. Start simple and as you get through your training, you can try to scale up your exercises.

Don't start big, with hard exercises, try some easy ones at first, up until you get in hand with them and after that, give it a try in some harder ones.

Now Frank is trying some 'a bit more' complicated exercises, some back triceps working pull-ups

As I stated before, so does Frank demonstrates us, he started simple(for him) and after that grew in intensity and hardship of exercise, at first he wasn't eager to do his most difficult exercise, he grew in intensity of the workout, pacing from easy ones to more difficult and in the middle end of his training session, he goes into doing his most skilled exercises which take his most power in order to get them over.

Watch his video that I've posted on top of the page and see how he operates his training and if you get inspired by him, let us know what type of exercises you would like to try and we'll chat over with you in giving some opinions.

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