Monday, March 10, 2014

The Most Evil Valentine's Day Prank Ever

Well yeah, we all have or had this girlfriend which is always curious about finding out everything, what are you doing, with who are hanging, what's there, who's that girl, what's in that box, etc. They just can't have patience to wait and see for themselves without too many nonsense questions, or just not to ask, or see what's happening. You know, too much curiosity isn't going to help you by the contrary, it's going to have a bad effect on you per general.

So what did this girl do?

Well her boyfriend knew about her weakness, that which is being curios, very very curios. Whenever he left a box or whatever thing that had a hidden item, it drove her mad if she wasn't able to know what's inside. So what did the guy thought? Well, it's Valentine's Day, why not prank her in the rudest way possible. Well not the rudest way possible, because he wasn't going to participate in the action, he just let her do all the action. Practically he wasn't responsible for what happened, she was the one who made all the actions.

So that's where the genius of the prank lies on, the prank was "evilesque" but he didn't managed any action, he just told her that he has a box and told her not to ever open it without him being present at the scene and also without his consent. "Just DON'T TOUCH THE BOX!". Oh yeah? Really she whispered in her mind, I just can't wait for you to be gone to open that box.

What a good guy, he welcomed her with a bouquet of flowers, he kissed her gently and as you can see she was very pleased and happy seeing this behavior from his boyfriend, which by the way, usually wasn't the nicest guy with her, not a jerk either, he was just always teasing her all the time. Maybe this time she thought that was something "wrong" with him, he was behaving too well to be true.
And after he gave her the bouquet, he told her that he will leave for a half an hour, wait for me till I come back and please, but PLEASE, don't open this box, just wait for me to come back. He locked the car (intentionally) and after that he left.
Guess what she had done in the meantime, well yeah, she opened the box and she had the WORST SURPRISE of HER LIFE, she never thought that he could hide such things in a box and especially baiting her to open it. In the above pic, she is begging him to open the car door and let her out, but NOPE, that wasn't going to happen, he filmed all her reactions and after that he uploaded the video on youtube just for fun, so that everyone could see her curious behavior in action .

So what do you think, of her extreme curiosity do you think she will repeat it in the future? Leave us a comment in the comments section so that we can discuss this matter together.

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