Friday, February 21, 2014

Here you really can't mess with the weather !

Many of us can not stand the cold and low temperatures and this is understandable because the human body is accustomed to a certain temperature and fluctuations bring great disservice.

Now imagine you like to submit your body temperature -75 degrees Celsius. Should not be too pleasant for your convenience.People in images is a meteorological station in Antarctica where the weather conditions are classified as Condition 1.

Precisely what Condition 1 is Antarctic temperatures can vary over short periods of time so a scale was introduced to measure atmospheric conditions.

Condition 1 is the most dangerous of these three thresholds and mean winds over 100 km / h and temperatures above -60 Celsius degrees. These are inhumane conditions for travel or survival as seen in image visibility is reduced almost to zero.

Antarctica is south pole region containing the continent with the same name and southern regions of the oceans it intersects. Suprafata acesteia este de 14 milioane de km patrati si este inconjurata de Oceanul Atlantic.

Antarctica is considered the dry ,cold , winds continent. Has the highest average elevation of all the continents and is considered desert.It is the only continent that has no permanent residents but year around 5000 people cross them within the various actions.

Certification discovery continent takes place in 1820 but reminded the world since ancient times the land of ice called Terra Australis.After discovery continent remained unexplored due to harsh living conditions and colonize there but in today's battle on the spot research in Antarctica.

Nothing went the way he wanted !

This is one of the most embarrassing situations that I could see them across the Internet.Why I am categorically when I refer to it? I recommend just watching this video and you will figure that out.

The whole adventure takes place in California at the International Martial Arts Competition.The main character is one of the participants in the competition.

This Sensei managed to arouse public amusement with his evolution.When he appeared in front of people with a total professional attitude and fully connected and focused on what's going to make everyone believe that it will follow the best performance.

But this was not exactly like what they expected.They wanted a performance of great in breaking bricks but have seen an funny episode with this sensei in the foreground.

His first attempt to break the bricks was a total failure but the public still trust him and they all thought it was an accident and have encouraged further.

A second attempt to bring the public confirmation that this man does not have anything in common with this competition or he has just a horrible day.He tried to hit with his hand with his elbow but the bricks just didn't want to break.

In the last attempt he just tried to crush the 4 bricks with his knee but the result was same like the others attempts.The audience meanwhile was laughing as they have never done.

We all know that it is not better to give up your dream but sometimes when you see that there's nothing good in what you want to do you definitely need to take a break.

Break bricks though it seems an extremely easy to perform is not so facile. It requires a lot of concentration and a lot of practice and an exemplary self-control when you fail to try to take your revenge on these

Thursday, February 20, 2014

That happens when you think you're too strong

It stand in human nature that people typically exploit the weaknesses of the weakest persons.But what happens when exploiting weaknesses reach extreme and resort to violent means to intimidate less powerful person? The images below come to us clarify on these issues!

The man in the photos seems to have adopted the method explained above.He seems to have a conflict with his girlfriend.It reproaches that despite being offered all things like hose, money , car and a family it is not grateful and cheating on him.

At one point he even said "I bet right now you're just messages that fool" in reference to a possible love affair.Even after these words the conflict between the two degenerate and he wants to apply a correction to his girlfriend.

When he raised his fist to strike the face is the culmination.He had never expect something like that to come.Out of nowhere appears a force that stops her hand.It's just a spider web and a man equipped Spiderman succeed in stop conflict.

Visibly shocked recalcitrant lover give back and try to escape the strange disguise.but is not allowed to escape is even more restrained on the ground by several moves of karate.

The end is brilliant Spiderman costume freak climb behind the bully wheel car and goes on to save other people.Of course this whole scene is likely to be a big joke but fun time is priceless.

Famous spider man is a comic book character that made history later in all possible environments and cartoons to films which gathered hundreds of millions of views and collections record.

He is among the little ones actually a good symbol of one of the most respected superheroes. It probably was also the argument in disguise this character.Other superheroes otherwise known as the good are Batman , Captain America , Captain Planet and many others

This girl is an example of ambition and determination

In life one of the most important things is to believe in what you are no matter the obstacles you  encounter.sometimes believing in yourself means more than a defect or impediment in what you want to accomplish.

The images below are besides simple dance more a life lesson.Why do I think this?It's very simple girl in spite of difficulties they encounter because they pretty robust physique manages to give a lesson to all performing a dance scincron hard enough.

The partner chosen in the execution of this dance is none other than her fitness teacher who engaged in this girl's desire to succeed great things despite the difficulties.She did so to give a lesson to all those who have not trusted that she laughed her physical qualities.

The song chosen to perform this dance was that of Jason Derulo - Talk dirty to me. This is her favorite song so could not fit better.

Another conclusion that can be drawn from this life lesson because I would not call it just a video is that not always talent counts. Ambition and determination can take you to the desired results despite a lack of talent that do not have  in the field or in performing what you want to succeed.

Worldwide over the last centuries there were great stories to prove the truth of these two words, namely ambition and determination.There really is a story of some of the most popular personalities in history that nobody believed but which themselves have not given up.

We've all heard of Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison and many others but we do not know it that no one trusted them even they were classified totally untalented in the areas were to succeed later.

For example, Einstein did not speak until age four years, did not read up to seven years and was expelled from school.Michael Jordan was fired in high school basketball team that was part of the reason it was no-talent and later became the greatest basketball player of all time

So the best advice that's good for us to follow is that we should never give up.

These are jokes in russian way !

These men work in a service in Russia and it seems that they have too much free time.Why say this? Just look what a joke went in their mind and then you will give me right.

What happened more specifically ? This service workers wanted to make an innocent joke to their friend who is also worker in this unit but things took an unexpected turn.

Frist they choosed to use an airbag that remained from a badly damaged car arrived in service.They sat the airbag between some tires and have positioned opening up for more powerful force that pushes what was on it.They put a towel over it found between tires and they invited their friend to sit and rest exactly where they hid the airbag

He sat relaxed as if nothing would happen and began to clap both hands.When he knocked a second time airbag designed to open and direct propel him in the ceiling.Kick has proved to be more serious than expected grumpy colleagues so silence was let down when they saw their friend stretched motionless on the floor.After a few seconds he recovered and visible under the infuence shock was rewarded by his comrades with a bottle of beer.

Finally all laughed and pulled the conclusion that such jokes do not make sense despite their large dose of fun.Airbag should therefore be used only to what he actually serves.

Airbag also known as air cushion is one of the most important safety devices in vehicles today.It is designed so that can quickly inflate in a collision to prevent injury to passengers of hard objects inside the car and is made of a flexible material.

The inventor is an American scientist by the name of Allen Breed who actually created the main element of an airbag, the inertial sensor for collision detection in 1967.Airbag came to series production machines composed in 1970 as an alternative to the seat belt.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That's the referee you don't want to annoy !

Many times we have been witnessing in contact sports event in which judges were often struck by the two combatants while he was trying to separate them or to stop the fight.This is the greatest danger of the job these referees were also most former fighters and are also accustomed to receive such blows involuntary.

In the video below we have exactly one of these common situations but unlike most times is quite painful end.One of the two combatants is too caught up in the fight and when the referee tries to break it she slips him a punch.This is where things take a turn quite unexpected.

The referee did not accept discipline competitor and apply a correction in its own style.More specifically he was a former kick-boxing practitioner so the participant beats the competition with his own weapons.The is not reaction from the knocked and soon it reaches down to the floor.

The referee is stopped hard by other officials but after they all jump on it like a lion in a cage struggles to apply kicks to the man who annoyed him.In the end the audience was delighted that representative and wildly applauded the bully.

Kick-boxing is one of the most popular contact sports in the world is part of the martial arts.Its usefulness is not just in competitive sports contact it being used as a method of self-defense and as a method of slimming and keeping in shape for those who practice

The first kick boxing competitions emerged in the 1960s in the Japanese version and 10 years later came the American version .Its evolution as a sport was fast enough so that in 1993 gave birth to one of the most popular branches of competition K1.

Rules regarding kick-boxing are a mix of methods from the other contact sports. Such rules are borrowed from both the traditional boxing and karate.The difference from the box is to allow kicks are a determining factor in these battles

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Special Head shocked everyone with his number of levitation

Television show America's Got Talent is one of the most popular in the world for bringing to the public many people of real talent. The show is part of the British franchise called GOT TALENT. It is transmitted by NBC and collect hundreds of millions of viewers every year.

The character in the video it is a really special person.He calls himself Special Head and we think maybe because of his head without hair but it's not like that. He belives he has one of the most spectacular ability in the world , the levitation.

Even if at first so three jurors and the whole audience was downright disgusted by the spectacle of him , in the end they recognized the value and talent and applauded him.One of the jurors to press x during performances but in the end it made ??a unique gesture by withdrawing the x and promoting him in the next phase of competition.

But what made ??it so special Special Head? He did a number that probably few people in the world could make it more precise levitated.Now you'll wonder what the big deal is to levitate ? Levitation it is a big deal !

What is actually levitation? Is the ability of people with unusual abilities to float in the air or do some objects float on the surface where they are placed without being touched. They are also known to occultists.

For example in 2006 a complex experiment of scientists has managed tomake some objects float through the scientific method. Objects that were part of this experiment there were some small ants such as bees and beetles. They were placed in a field generated by sonic pressure.

Scientific so far no one has managed to make a body weight of a person or even a person to levitate though over time in front of us were seen examples of that in this case people who levitates They claimed that their supernatural powers are to blame for such achievements.

The detonation of an atomic bomb in the ocean

One of the greatest discoveries in the field of arms and ammunition of the 20th century is definitely famous atomic bomb. One of those who contributes to the discovery of the bomb could only be the planet's greatest physicist Albert Einstein.

The atomic bomb known as the nuclear weapon is probably the most dangerous device for the existence of the human race. Devastating effect it can easily delete almost the entire population of the planet in the event of a nuclear war.

In this video we clear example of how devastating the impact of such an explosion. Even if the experiment is done in the open ocean at a depth effect is very impressive even at the surface.

Even if the image appears only great cloud of water created in the explosion that hits the ship located far away from the place of explosion because the rest of the effects were much larger. One of these effects is flooding an island that was hundreds of miles away.

As a curiosity in the entire planet in 2013 was situated about a total of 20,000 such atomic devices. 4500 of them were ready at any moment to be part of a possible nuclear war could break out worldwide. Tested the first atomic bomb explosion in history had the impact of approximately 20,000 tons of trinitrotoluene.

In the history of atomic bombs have been used only twice against the human race more precisely at the end of the Second World War. When the United States intervened atomic means against two of the largest Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Efectele au fost atat de devastatoare atat cele pe termen scurt cat si cele pe termen lung incat de atunci nu s-a mai folosit aceste arme impotriva populatiei.

Gandindu-ne doar la cate sute de mii de oameni au murit atunci si la cate alte milioane au avut de suferit datorita radiatiilor ni se face pielea gaina si nu puten sa ne imaginam ce s-ar intampla daca acestea ar fi utilizate inca o data.

Unique experiment - When Coke and hot lava meet

Perhaps you've often wondered what happens if hot lava meets various objects in its path. Now you have the opportunity to see what spectacular things happen when such an event occurs.

In the experiment we face in the spotlight two Coke cans and of course the main character is hot lava. This test has two parts one box is drilled in the top and the other box is left exactly as it is in front of the hot challenge.

For the first part of the experiment in which the box is pierced filmmakers were expected spurting juice box with power off but not happened exactly as they wanted. it came out of the box with very little power despite the 2000 degrees Celsius it was attacked by lava.

The second part of the experiment is less spectacular than the first. Coke box without holes crack on contact with incandescent lava without creating a spectacular image.

The experiment was conducted using a Nikon D800 and a GoPro camera to play both sound and images in a higher fidelity.

This is part of a series of many such experiments that follow reaction of various materials and objects in contact with incandescent lava that has temperatures above 2,000 degrees celsius.

For people who are somewhat concerned that nature has suffered from these experiments because they can sit quietly used items are fully melted on contact with hot lava and does not leave any residues.

You can see in these experiments and more useful than visual impact, namely Think this is an impressive method of recycling biodegradable heavy objects.

We strongly recommend not to try to create such experiments at home. These are performed by professionals and during filming no one was injured or came into contact with hot lava. Yet if you have a source of lava near the house last concern would be to make an experiment with a heavy object biodegradable.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

You can not believe how this guy moves

The show Got Talent is famous all over the world bring to viewers some of the most talented people in the world.

Here we face the concrete example of such pure talent in the average person. Boy succeeded despite physical appearances to her amaze both jury and audience throughout. His movements have shown an essential when you can accomplish anything you want regardless of obstacles.

The story of this boy begins long before they held auditions for the show India's Got Talent. He is originally from a small town in India and became a star in front of his neighbors after appearing in the famous television show. He has prepared for those three minutes of the show total no less than 2 years under the careful guidance of his father. Passion for dance comes from the father who is a very good dancer.

Evolution to the public was one excited jurors did not come to believe that such a boy who has a problem with weight at his age can have both vitality and can raise a standing room receiving applause and ovation. They congratulated him and offered him the chance to continue in the competition advising him to continue in the same optimistic note during its evolution.

To show in India this evolution meant a greater recognition internationally. The video with the boy soon became viral on the internet and made increasingly more people curious to see what talents are hidden in this country known for its famous dancers.

India's Got Talent format is similar to others in the group SIMCO LIMITED British Got Talent that makes programs like this in many countries worldwide. In India the show debuted in 2009 on the television network COLORS TELEVISION and gathered hundreds of millions of viewers throughout the seasons then until now.

Unlike other countries that jury composed of 4 stars in India are just three famous personalities of the country. However tradition jurors vote until the semifinal stage following that is kept here for this and for the final vote belong to the public that will decide the big winner.

Ești Un GENIU Adevărat Dacă Poți Rezolva Problema Asta

De multe ori mulți dintre dumneavoastră ați fost puși în situația poate un pic jenantă de către un prieten în care să rezolvați un anumit test de inteligență, de pricepere sau de orice alt tip și să nu puteți să dați nici măcar o rezolvare corectă. Ei bine acum puteți să le faceți voi prietenilor o farsă punându-i să rezolve acest test care deși la prima vedere pare simplu nu este deloc așa.

Trebuie să vă spun de la început că deși nu este un test greu peste 90% din populația globului nu reușește să dea un răspuns corect acestei provocări. Dar nu trebuie să disperați pentru că aveți rezolvarea chiar în imaginile din videoclipul de mai jos. Cu toate acestea vă recomand întâi să încercați să rezolvați singuri iar abia apoi să vă uitați la rezolvarea explicată de autorul nostru.

Testul acesta a fost creat de unul dintre cei mai deștepți oameni din istoria omenirii și anume matematicianul Alfred Dominik care a fost una dintre figurile reprezentative ale secolului al optsprezecelea. ”Mulți nu vor putea să rezolve acest test care pare destul de simplu la prima vedere, dar la o cercetare mai amănunțită veți vedea că nu este destul de complicat să găsești cea mai bună solție”. Acestea au fost cuvintele lui în ultimele sale momente de viață când a fost întrebat cu privire la el.

Milioane și milioane de oameni au încercat rezolvarea acestui test de-a lungul timpului din toate colțurile lumii iar concluzia generală a fost în rezolvarea acestuia că fiecare trebuie să apeleze la cea cunoscută ca latura creativă a gândirii.

Internetul a făcut ca mult mai multe persoane să aibă acces la explicațiile acestui test în privința rezolvării lui, dar de-a lungul secolelor mai ales la început multora le-a fost greu să dea un răspuns exact astfel că a rămas cunoscut ca testul pe care doar 6,43% din populație îl pot rezolva fără un ajutor extern. Voi ați reușit să-l rezolvați ?