Wednesday, March 12, 2014

He Took A Tree Trunk And Started Chopping, The Result Exceeds All Expectations

Hell yeah, what a surprise this man has made me. I've never thought that he could chop that tree trunk in such a way to make me wonder how did that big chunky tree trunk end up in such e beautiful way. No really, just take a look at the way he had managed to chop it all the way. Besides the fact that he has professional tools, no usual artisan could to that wonderful piece of art without such tools.

Could've you guess at the beginning that the end result would look like this?

I've never thought that such an old granny could do such masterful objects... But maybe he is a professional sculptor, and a guy which has this job for over twenty years or maybe more than twenty, you can imagine that has the skills to do such a great artwork. But the main question any usual guy has should be which was the process in transforming the trunk into this beautiful artwork? Well first of all you have to watch the video below and after that, if you don't understand the any of the processes we will explain them to you in the below section of the page. )

There could be some persons telling that he used too much material for his work of art... Well this is half true half not true and let me first tell you why I think it's not true: in order to make such a circular object you have to have a thick objects from which to chop them. On the second part, well yeah, the ecosystem can be damaged if many people think as this guy above and we as a species could have serious problems in the future if we continue like this.
Now let's see how he did all of this:

Firstly as you can see above, this guy first of all went to the nearest forest, took an approval from the local ranger and cut a tree which he can use for the whole winter and "sacred" this chunk of wood in order to create this beautiful artwork.

And yeah, he strated working on it, and working and working in order to polish the surface for the next step. As you can see above, the tools he uses are strictly professional. Don't try doing things like this if you can't afford such tools because you'll get disappointed by the lack of perfection you work will be at the end of the project.

After that he started cutting the material from inside out, not in reverse as some of you might think. And he chopped what he had to take out after that giving the object a roundly aspect. From then on, there was only a matter of scrupulously finishing the product in order to take the form that we can all see at the end of the video.
Now after you look at the end product, what do you think of it? Do you like the aspect that it has been given by it's master?If yes, please send us a comment in the comments section so we can talk more about his product. Would you buy it? If yes, why? Do you like it? Why?

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