Friday, February 21, 2014

Here you really can't mess with the weather !

Many of us can not stand the cold and low temperatures and this is understandable because the human body is accustomed to a certain temperature and fluctuations bring great disservice.

Now imagine you like to submit your body temperature -75 degrees Celsius. Should not be too pleasant for your convenience.People in images is a meteorological station in Antarctica where the weather conditions are classified as Condition 1.

Precisely what Condition 1 is Antarctic temperatures can vary over short periods of time so a scale was introduced to measure atmospheric conditions.

Condition 1 is the most dangerous of these three thresholds and mean winds over 100 km / h and temperatures above -60 Celsius degrees. These are inhumane conditions for travel or survival as seen in image visibility is reduced almost to zero.

Antarctica is south pole region containing the continent with the same name and southern regions of the oceans it intersects. Suprafata acesteia este de 14 milioane de km patrati si este inconjurata de Oceanul Atlantic.

Antarctica is considered the dry ,cold , winds continent. Has the highest average elevation of all the continents and is considered desert.It is the only continent that has no permanent residents but year around 5000 people cross them within the various actions.

Certification discovery continent takes place in 1820 but reminded the world since ancient times the land of ice called Terra Australis.After discovery continent remained unexplored due to harsh living conditions and colonize there but in today's battle on the spot research in Antarctica.

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