Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And You're Telling me Thieves Are Not Smart? Look What These Cops Found Hidden in Tree's Trunk

How many times have you seen different type of thieves using intelligent methods to smuggle things into the country or just breaking the law in a supper intelligent manner? Well this time happened again, some thieves from eastern European countries did it well not quite did it but they were almost able to make the break of their life without anyone knowing.
What do you think they've hidden into the trunk of the tree? Do you think this happened by pure share of luck? Well no, I think that the criminals behind this act should be held responsible for what they've did. What could've happened if they got away? They could've done a lot of more felonies in the future. so for now, it's good that the police did they're job and kept everyone safe without any harm by neither side. So how could this happen? Well the thieves had information from inside that the police was going to let them go. As it's obvious, they were better informed than you may think.
But it looked like something went bad, terrible bad for them. The cop in charge whom disclosed precious information was caught by an inside leek whom herd him speak one day with the thieves. He went to his superior and told him what happened, they managed to get him caught and took from him important information which led to the capture of the bad guys.
This is how it all begun, a large quantity of big and a bit light tree trunks came to the frontier. Everything was planned all along from the cop's side just as it was from the thieve's side(at least that's what they thought).
After they seized the transport, they started asking questions to the transporters. Like for what are you going to use those trunks for, to which firm are you going to distribute them and so on.
And yes, after that with a chainsaw, they started ripping the trunks, what they've found was astounding, they've never thought such a large quantity could be hidden inside those trunks. Click on the video above and tell us what is your opinion about what they have found inside the trunk and leave us a message in the comments section in order to discuss this event with the whole community.

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