Thursday, March 6, 2014

The future is heading to this !

After the events that are happening in the world in the last period and crazy race arming with nuclear weapons this article certainly could be one useful in case of a disaster such nuclear but also biological.

So even if it seems strange some of us have thought ahead on this and began the work of  some types of shelters specifically designed against these disastrous events.

Many would think that such a settlement would cost a fortune and it would be impossible for an ordinary man but lo, an American company has come up with a great offer for potential customers which will cost about 35,000 US dollars.

After you have chosen the location where you want to install your new anti-war home the company that will build all the settlement get to work that lasts more than 2 weeks.

First will excavate soil to a depth of up to 15 meters. After this process will bring the entire settlement antinuclear already built and equipped and it will be installed in the deepest part of the excavation. For some additional costs may be room equipped with luxury amenities but neither standard features can not be neglected.

After this stage will build and connect to ventilation systems that communicate with the outside. To ensure the electric current inside the bunker are arranged in the outer solar well camouflaged.

After all ventilation and connection to electricity it is covered with earth and will maka a camouflaged exit that none will never suspect that there's someone can hide a house there.

Looking at the inside it will find it very comfortable this home. Besides the usual sleeping beds which are arranged face to face on two levels there is also a relaxation room that contains even a television and other interesting things. He would call home if you did not have a bathroom and kitchen and of course completely normal vessel containing toilet and shower of course.

For sure you will want a house like this in the future.

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