Monday, March 3, 2014

This young man has a big heart !

A young boy from the United States had a very strange accident in one of his forays into the park to run.What exactly happened to him in that day?

During regular jogging park streets noticed a quite small helpless creature on a sidewalk. It was a little baby bird that freshly hatched and probably just fell out of a nest.The boy decided to find the nest where it fell to restore in the middle of his family.Was not successful in his action which was one admirable so he decided to keep baby bird and try to take care of him.

Boy said to his parents about the fragile creature he found it and decided to grow up. They were glad to see that have a son with a heart so big.All decided to take care on baby bird and each were going to contribute with certain things to grow up this little bird.

His father made an incubator and he began to inform about growth of the baby bird.Even In the beginning it does not look too good  day by day began to revive and become more beautiful.

Finally after 50 days boy saw that the bird has grown quite nicely and is able to handle only so he decided to release.He went to the park where he had found it initially because he hoped the bird will find the family that was separated \ at birth.

Birds oviparous vertebrates that have the amazing ability to fly with their own body ,but birds live only on the land of Earth.Are known over nine thousand species divided into two sublcase Archaeornithes and Neornithes.

Birds have a aerodynamic body shape and the outer skin is covered by feathers. Their legs are covered with some scaly skin that remember us about reptils.The front legs are named wings and it's their flight organ.Birds body temperature is constant because of their respiration and activity of circulation.They reproduce by eggs that are hatched first.

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