Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Watch out what these guys do with knives !

A few friends gathered to perform one of the most interesting projects using only the help of knives.What did they do exactly?

They watched together in one of their days off a circus show and seeing the representation knives have a moment comming to them an unusual idea. They thought I could make things more attractive than did the actors of the circus show.

They gathered in the garage of one of them and began to play with some good sharp knives made of stainless steel.All their story was designed in three parts of one more interesting that the other.

The first part consisted by one of the guys throwing three knives that stick on a table which in turn was sitting a unfolded hand of another boy. Everything went well in the first part and nobody being hurt by the by sharpened knives.

The second part of the project consisted in throwing two knives in the ceiling of the room where it took place and catching them in an apple.Everything was carried out as planned in this attempt and they passed to the third part of the project.

This third part was also the most fascinating of all because it had a perfect synchronization between the two insanity developers.What specifically had to do? One of the men throw an apple across a wall and the other had to catch to that wall with one of knives and then realized that two apples and two knives following the same procedure.

When they realized what were able to make and saw how spectacular images have decided that it is better to share them with other people and uploaded the video on the biggest social media network and shortly it become viral on the internet.

Many of those who saw the video said it is definitely a fake, but the authors decided to keep the suspense and not come up with any official answer. Fact or fiction you should not try something at home because you're never safe around a sharp knife.

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