Thursday, March 6, 2014

She had a big surprise when she saw what has in Boots !

A teenager in the United Kingdoom has had an accident which will hardly forget in her life. All unexpected event occurred shortly before going to a regular walk in the city.

What happened exactly? After he dressed and arranged for the hang out she was turned to the door where she want tu put on her boots but but at that time had a huge surprise.

She screamed suddenly and her parents quickly came to see what happened to their daughter.All were amazed to see that in one of the two boots is quite big snake.

The girl's father has finally got the courage and took her boot and led it out in front of the house where he released then uninvited guest.The question that arose in their minds was how it came this creature in their house especially as the door was always closed.

In the days following the randomness I was quite affected especially if uninvited guest did not know was accompanied on his visit by their home by a friend and will have to get scared again.

How would you have reacted if you have found something like this in your house?

The snake is an animal with no legs and is part of one of the subspecies of reptiles. There are many species of snakes in the whole world all of which are carnivorous and some of them are poisonous. A bite of a venomous snake such can even be fatal untreated in time.

The main feature that distinguishes snakes from other animals is the opening of the facial bones so large that they can ingest the prey even if it is larger than their heads. Also snakes are covered in scales the body from head to tail with a structure different from others are very hard for more protection.

As habitat snakes are found in all backgrounds less air so not exist flying snakes.They usually feed on mice and frogs but often prefer to eat snakes even lower than they are. Their language is a very important element of the snakes body with them because they can hear smell and feel the taste. Also their sight is different then other regular animals.They see in infrared way more specifically detecting the warmth of the bodies that surrounding them.

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