Monday, March 3, 2014

This girl succeeded to disgust every man !

Teenager pictures below has succeeded to surprise all those around her when she decided to go outside in such a manner.

What did she actually? Many will say she did something disgusting and will condemn her, others will amuse the whole situation and perhaps  others will appreciate her nonconformity.

Young girl is originally from a small town in England and is the owner of a blog pretty viewed around the world.Enjoying her reputation she decided that could put together a pretty interesting experiment.

What is in fact this experiment ? She was wearing a short skirt and instead of the usual stockings she decided to wear a pair of anti-rape stockings and then just go outside to hung some guys.

Even she is a pretty cute girl she failed to pick up anything with this clothing People on the street especially men did not come to believe what they see in front, especially when it comes to a lady. They asked how she had the courage to go out with legs full of hair. Many of them advised her to buy her a hair removing machine.

When they saw that everything is just a prank and that in fact that is not her natural hair on the legs but just an ordinary pair of socks that mimic something like real hair, the all started laughing and some even wanted to touch them to see how it feels touching them.

The girls were excited to seeing her wearing it and even asked her where they can buy and a pair to make pranks to their friends and even to keep on distance malicious men on the street.

Where did this disgusting fashion appeard ? This invention stockings hair is quite known in the world that have Asian origins.They are considered a very good invention of the 21st century and enjoyed an unexpected success since its first appearance.

In China its enjoy excessive popularity on teenagers from there they haven't any problem to dress and wear on street this pairs of anti-rape stockings. It is understandable for any man when he sees a woman with legs full of hair he will run eating earth and no longer wants to have any contact with her.

Anti-rape methods were invented mainly in India which has a very high rate of such crime.The most famous inventions in the domain is the electric shock bra.But Chinese invented method seems at first sight less painful for both parties and equally effective.

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