Sunday, March 2, 2014

This man clearly needs to buy a cat !

A man in the United States has surprised friends few days ago by the crazy thing that he has tried to do.What happened exactly?

Joshua as a child had a fear of mice.So in childhood his friends made ??fun of him it is fearful and will not ever get rid of this phobia.So he wanted to show that this phobia escaped and tried to do an act of courage in the face of all.

Finding that has a mouse in the house called all my friends and put on the prowl. The funny part is that he took his rifle during that expectation.Mouse appeared at a time and Joshua began to pursue the barrel of a gun to kill him.

This little fast mouse dosen't let the opportunity to our young guy to beat him and jumped on his feet in the course of the release.Joshua was scared at that moment and began to jump up in fear making a panic attack.

All his friends saw this scene so they started laughing at poor Josh and one of them shot the entire scene and uploaded the video on a famous social network. In a few hours it was viewed by many people around the world and became viral on internet.

Mice are animals in rodent categoria.There are about 37 species categorized some of which live in forests and others at the homes of people.As morphology mice are small animals with about 5 to 12 centimeters.Their weight does not exceed 30 grams than in exceptional cases when they reach 60 grams.The color of the mice is gray but there are mice in captivity can have white color.

These animals lived first probably in Africa and in some Europe and Asian regions.The house mouse it's supposed to be originated from India and speard on the entire world when people traded goods.So mice adapted on various peoples habits.His only skill is that have a large number of enemies.

The cat is in turn one of the greatest enemies of mice especially in areas populated by humans and besides their homes.We know that because of this rivalry were born over time a number of sayings that contain exact references to the struggle between cat and mouse.

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