Sunday, March 2, 2014

You can do amazing things with a simple plastic soda bottle !

I must admit I've always been fascinated by airsoft guns and as I believe many of you are just like me.What would you say if you could even own one? I think you said it would be too good.

Here I found a method by which you can now own your own airsoft gun.All details about this weapon and manufacturing costs are shown in the video below made ??by some guys who are specialized in the development and implementation of projects that include building smaller weapons than normal at very low costs.

The parts that will be needed for this airsoft gun are four in number and total costs can not rise more than fifteen U.S. dollars. With this you will be able to realize a splendid airsoft bb gun.

So you will need : a plastic soda bottle,adapter for air compressor,a compressor to power the gun and a small sized like 7 mm by 6inch brake line. The only thing outside of construction will be a source of compressed air. In presentation compressed air source is a static line but can use other methods to compressed air like some mobile backpacks.

The model presented should not do require more than five minutes of your time to assemble and you can let go and play.It is designed in the style Bullpup means that little paint balls entering the barrel behind the trigger.

The gun works as the sealed plastic bottle releases no air other place then the barrel.To fully sealed plastic bottle can be used Hot Glue Gun.Because this technique rate spit plastic balls somewhere is very high at 50 per second. To increase the rate of propulsion of balls of paint on barrel is one solution choosing a longer brake lines and then you can get up to 250 shots per second.

It is understandable that if you made an airsoft bb gun at home is strongly recommanded not be used against persons or pets that could cause physical harm serious enough especially if barrel is pointed directly at their face.

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