Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This story will impress you to tears !

The act of this man is one of the most beautiful and touching things I have ever seen and after you watch the video you will surely have the same opinion.

The man who planned all this story is known in the Internet world as Youtube magician's of pranks and jokes made ??over time. His nickname among the internauts is Rahat.This time he wanted to leave the pattern of his jokes and decided to do an act of charity.

Telling what he wants to do to some friends found out from one of them about a homeless man about who all passers on street had only words of praise. Now he had to find the way that will make happy this homeless man.He remembered that he has someone who works at the store the gas station and asked him to offer  his prize.

What prize? Rahat thought it would be a nice gesture to give to homeless man a winning lottery ticket instead of money that he will subsequently collect it.In fact it was not the winning ticket did not have an amount on it last but he thought it would make the story more interesting and thought he won something in life will increase morale of homeless man.

Apperoached him in a calm morning and offered him the winning ticket to the lottery arguing that he has no small change.Homeless man was a bit skeptical first but when he saw that he was invited to work together to collect the award from the nearest gas station he has accepted the ticket.

Surprise has been unimaginable proportions when he handed the ticket to the seller of the store.This man offered him 1,000 dollars as the win of ticket that actually was not even winning.

When the homeless man saw the money he wanted to share with his guardian angel of that day but when this refused him , he just burst into tears.Embraced him and said that he never had part of this treatment from any friend.

Rahat remained impressive how powerful emotional was the moment and crying alongside homeless man. He then shared with everyone this heartwarming story.

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