Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Unexpected winner in an unequal fight !

An amateur cameraman has captured what is surely one of the most spectacular battle between two wild animals in the world.What actually happened there? The video below speak for themselves about the spectacular event.

We all know that both crocodiles and snakes are probably some of the most feared for the human race animals on earth.Both are carnivores so they will kill in cold blood all possible food or foe for them.So the battle between a giant snake and a crocodile is a violent spectacle.

The two animals met on the bank of a river and started a fight that would last no more and no less than five hours.Although the crocodile started with a big advantage on start, during the two giants fight the snake returned to the advantage dragging itself around the crocodile and managed to immobilize it.

After immobilized It took about 30 minutes until the crocodile to be full choked to his last breath. The fight was over and now just remained that the snake to enjoy his big meal.He succeeded to engulf the huge crocodile in just 15 minutes.

It is well known ability of snakes to swallow prey far exceeding the size of their head.These are the only animals that have this particularity and can swallow so the small creatures that they have as food daily up to wild boars or alligators in this case.

Crocodiles represents a subspecies of reptiles and from what researchers say could be one of the last wild ancestors of dinosaurs that lived millions of years on earth.They live in tropical and subtropical areas around rivers.

They are known for their ability to hide before attacking their prey in the water especially where have a technique unlike any predatory to attack. Like snakes, they are carnivores.

Snakes on the other side are a subspecies of reptiles contrary to crocodiles they don't have legs.Are found in areas more common than crocodiles and usually feed with frogs, mice and other small creatures.The snake of this images seems to be a python one of the biggest species of snakes existing in the world.

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