Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The world's weirdest weddings !

The wedding is a religious or civil ceremony which takes place at the beginning of marriage.For many of us wedding is the most important time of life this is asserted especially by women in a globally study.

Why is women who see wedding the most important moment of their life? Is very simple.They want that day to be like in tales and represent the princess of that story and to be in center of all the attention.

With the importance of this event in the culture of all peoples of the world have different customs that emerged from those known to most of us seem at first glance some strange stuff.Many of them are kept regularly since the distant past and their failure is often offensive to the culture of that people.

Images captured at weddings that you see below appears that did not take into account no habit and came more than two grooms an attempt to stand out in front of those who took part in the happy event.

So here are some traditions that you will seem a little strange at the moment but will get look like what is happening in other parts of compared to where you live.

In Scotland for example the bride must be blackened.How do they do exactly? You can see in the images above. To cover with blacness guest collect all they sit in the hands of from the ash to the garbage and pour them in the bride's head.

In Greece habits are peaceful.The bride has to go to the groom's house before marriage.Here the two newlyweds will be displayed in the middle of all guests the bride stand in arms of the groom and eat of the bread found around his neck.

In Malaysia there is one of the strangest Usually it can even affect the health of their two young.More specifically they are not allowed to go to the bathroom three days before the big event.In order not to violate the habit relatives oversee each of them and not allow them to do their personal needs.

But perhaps most frightening about the wedding usually takes place in India. Here often girls are forced to marry animals. That they are prepared and dressed nice but often they do this only to the tradition and not for purely sentimental.

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