Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Look what this girl does with her "airbags" !

This is one of the funniest things I've seen on the internet until now and with it I learned some new funny things. How was l made to believe that? Very simple look at the images below and you will convince yourself.

The girl in the pictures it looks like she wants to surprise her friends with one of the most unusual party jokes. What is she actually do can easily use the name after party recycling empty beer cans.

As seen in pictures this young lady benefit some big accessories from mother nature so she easily manage this situation.

Even if it seems a funny thing we can say that recycling beer cans is a problem existing in the world because many countries have not adapted to the current standards and the degradability of that cans runs for long periods of time.

The beer can is made ??mostly of aluminum container but there are cases in which it is made ??of a tin-plated steel.This type can be used for the bottled sodas, alcoholic drinks, teas and many other liquids.

The appearance of different drinks and juice bottling has its starting point in 1935. That was the first bottled beer aluminum and then extended this method of packing a lot of food.

Cutiile de aluminium au diferite marimi in functie de tara in care sunt imbuteliate lichidele din ele.So in some areas they have 250 ml, in other places get even 500 ml but perhaps the most famous and common are the 330 ml soda can.

The filling process takes place before their top to be placed and sealed as cover so maintaining the acidity and freshness sealed bottled liquids. Pressurized carbon dioxide in these boxes make them very easy to handle.

Current trends in packaging with aluminum boxes are to reduce the amount of metal used to be able to recycle more easily, but also to make more efficient use of resources.

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