Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wonder of technology made by this Spanish man !

The Spanish engineer wanted to show the world that any normal sized motor can be done at a much smaller scale without losing the features and the attraction of engineering.

So the man who is hiding under the pseudonym Patello was engaged in a race to build the world's smallest V12 engine.All components that he assembled on the final result were handmade by him.

For the construction of this wonderful miniature needed materials such as aluminum, bronze and stainless steel.Although at first glance it seems that the spectacular result was achieved easily by the Spanish man the entire work has been required over 1,200 hours to realize what has proposed.

The man said that he designed and engineering this marvel just to show those interested how to make such an engine and how impressive is the whole process even if it is on a small scale.The interesting fact of this whole affair is that this little engine really works like one at normal size.

Some interesting technical data about this min v12 engine are that it is powered by air commpresed injection and has a displacement of 12 cc.Even if the number of 261 pieces were handmade there were a few helpful items that were purchased like 222 screws.

For all this skilled engineer did it's worth the 10 minutes of our lives because he lost an entire year trying something no one else would be able to do.

Lost more than a year for this creation but his only regret is that he could not play with his grandchildrens as much as they want.

Yesus Wilder on his real name is the creator and other engineering wonders like v8 engine ,aircraft engines and ships and the piece de resistance a small engine v18.

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