Sunday, March 9, 2014

You Thought HULK Doesn't Exist? It Means You Haven't Saw This Black Guy PUMPING UP Weights

At least once in a lifetime we've all went to the gym to get some muscles and you know, when you first get there you see a group of muscle packed humans that seem they can lift mountains without even clinching.
Well yeah that's what we're talking about in this video, meet HULK.
HULK as he's known in his friends circle, has over 120kg and it's a sensation among the fellows that go to the gym in the area where he goes too. Not few people coming to that gym tried to provoke him to a weight lifting conquest. What happened? Well he beat the hell out of each one of them, making them feel shameful that they even thought that they can beat him. So what's so special about this big guy? Well besides the fact that he weights over 120 kg, he has an innate ability to lift big, heavy weights especially on the bench, working his chest muscles.
In the above picture, you can see him preparing himself to lift some weights, professional style, before each series, he kind of contemplates focusing at what he has to do, saying that this has helped him a lot during his professional years as a heavyweight bench press pusher.
Now that's what I'm talking about, look at the rings surrounding his bar, can you count them? One, two, three, four, five ! Whao, that means 5 x 20 kilo, 100 kg on each part of the bar, double it by two and you'll have 200 kg, add the bar 16 kg and you'll see that he lifts 216 kg on each push-up. I mean... That's a lot of weight considering that he has only 120 kg (and when I say only, I compare it with the weight he's lifting).
Now again he started a new series of push ups, I could say that a training session consists of multiple heavy lifting series and a few light weight lifting in order to define the muscles. So staying in the gym for about 2 - 2.30 hours means that he's lifting TONS every day.

Whaa ! That's astonishing, it makes me feel so weak in comparison with him. What's your opinion on his performance? We would love to hear from you in the comments section.

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