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Diferenta dintre Simona Halep si Maria Sarapova

Sportiva din Romania Simona Halep (actualemnte numarul 4 in clasamentul WTA ) se va confrunta in doar cateva momente cu rusoaica Maria Sarapova (numarul 8 mondial) pentru suprematia pe zgura de la Roland Garros. Multa lume nu stie ca de fapt ascensiunea abrupta a Simonei a avut ca punct de plecare operatia de miscorare a bustului realizata in anul 2009. Decizia de atunci a parut cel putin bizara mai ales din punct de vedere feminin dar s-a dovedit a fi cartea castigatoare pentru sportiva noastra.

In perioada aceea toti sustinatorii acesteia de pe intreg mapamondul aproape ca au implorat-o sa nu ia aceasta decizie de miscorare a sanilor cei de la ziarul britanic The Sun chiar organizand un sondaj printre cititori pentru a o ruga pe aceasta sa renunte la ceea ce avea sa faca.

La vremea respectiva Simona declara ca isi va face operatia datorita faptului ca o incomodeaza la viteza de reactie si nu poate avea o plecare cat mai perfecta de pe loc deoarece o trageau in jos.

Constanteanca a fost pusa in fata unui moment ciudat la conferinta de presa dupa sfertul de finala sustinut in compania Svetlanei Kuznetova atunci cand jurnalistii prezenti au intrebat-o daca se simte in evolutiile ei faptul ca nu mai are sanii mari dar aceasta a preferat sa nu comenteze pe marginea subiectului.

De partea cealalta adversara Simonei din finala frumoasa rusoaica Maria Sarapova este cunoscuta in presa internationala ca un star monden fiind una dintre cele mai cautate sportive din acest punct de vedere.

Aceasta nu si-a facut o interventie chirurgicala precum a Simonei si a preferat mai degraba sa apara in ipostaze cat mai fierbinti pentru reviste de profil.

Totodata si viata personala acesteia este destul de tumultoasa deoarece in ultimii ani a schimbat o multime de iubiti pe cand sportiva noastra a preferat sa ramana concentrata 100% pe ce are de facut in tenis si a declarat ca nu are timp deocamdata de un iubit

Asadar din punct de vedere al seriozitatii putem sa spunem ca Simona este net superioara si ca se vede ca a dorit si doreste in continuare sa sacrifice totul pentru marea performanta. Asadar nu ne ramane decat sa spunem HAI SIMONA !!! HAI ROMANIA !!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This couple it's dangerous !

Certainly you have seen many couples fakirs over time that makes a lot of theatrical extremely dangerous stunts  but tell you what you will see from the two in images below is absolutely crazy.

The two are husband and wife and are called Barmi Bhramaramba and Balashankar with surname Budati.She is 39 years old and he's 40 they have 2 childrens and perform dangerous stunts for over 10 years.They are originally from India and living in region called Andhra Pradesh.Began their first representations in front of local people.

What incredible things they do exactly? The husband Balashankar handles the swords quite well and manages to cut and break all sorts of objects having the support point his wife's body.He smash coconots , tube lights , concrete slabs and other hard objects

The images speak for themselves what crazy things can do these two. So I think you should know more about the history of fakirs.

The fakir is a Hindu or a Muslim magician endowed with alleged paranormal powers.Among the such called miracles that he can do we can remember: multiplying coins, cut or knotted rope trick , numbers that are supposed to not feel pain occasioned by a blunt object can move objects with mind power can fall into invulnerability can levitate and many more.

Many of those who visited India and saw these I are questioning people's perception of the body anumitele skills to make things impossible to explain scientifically.The following incident will frighten you.

In some stories it looks like a fakir managed to stay in the ground about 100 days when he was out there he looks like a yellow body without vital signs but after some data and a massage cures for 32 hours and it miraculously came back to life and murmured a few words.Incredible as it seems all in this story is so scary.

For viewers of these fakirs never existed as real question is what they do or how they got everything false is what I see as a fact that happens.

That means a big monster !

One of the biggest enemies of the people in the field of animals is definitely the crocodile.This fierce animal appeared on earth long before there was human. If you doubt about dangerousness you better watch the video below and you will totally change what you think !

The crocodile of this images is the biggest capture of an animal man-made and the second largest crocodile ever seen around the world. He was captured by the two zoologists helped by several local people.

After being caught this monster was brought to the center of the village to be admired by all locals.Many of them did not come to believe that exist such creatures on Earth.

Crocodile impressive length was determined from measurements that is about six meters.Weight was not measured but it is believed that it was over one tonne that makes definitely something impressive in the face of the villagers even if they are normally accustomed to see crocodiles often enough around places where they live.

A brave villager had the courage to touch the fierce lizard on her nose. And he could not believe that even though it was alive was quiet and calm. But nothing was to herald the ordeal that was to begin.

At one point the monster began to struggle and start to release what was holding immobile.Those present were instantly panicked many of them running away without looking back.One of the videographers from a local television even climbed a tree because of fear.

Meanwhile crocodile managed to release more and more and panic grew as the middle of which was brought to the center of the village was crushed under the weight of the monster that was struggling.At one point he still has not managed to free himself from the last rope and villagers mobilized themselves and tied him this time was no longer able to struggle and the danger to free himself.

This episode made ??people even closer to crocodile and even became a symbol of the village.He was held the captivity for two years and 2013 days unfortunately his last breath.

You Won't Believe How This Model Actually Looks Like

Has Photoshop Gone Too Far? This is the question on everybody's lips after the public release of this video, every women, men or child was shocked to see a piece of work of a professional photoshopper in action. At first I was somehow confused when I saw what it's going on in the video, how could this be possible I asked myself, can this be the artwork of a professional guy which has unusually good abilities in photoshop? Or is it a scam?

After a few seconds, again, I've questioned myself, can the below video be a scam?

And YES, it had confirmed, the below video indeed is a comic presentation, not a scam, because you're not taking nothing from no one but a hilarious presentation of what a girl can become with the help of a bit of skill on designing things in photoshop. So what did all end up you might ask? Well, you'll laugh with tears of how you've been tricked. )

And I've said to myself: there's no way I could be fooled by this kind of videos, I've seen so many throughout my life that I know any possible outcome that could a video like this get. And so I started watching this one. At the beginning I was like meh... I know what's going to happen, it's the big fat girl that's hiding behind the scene, the reverse process it's just going to reveal her !

But NO, then something weird started to happen, she started transforming and transforming in such a way that I couldn't realize if she's a real being or not, at some point I even thought she was an object, she was becoming uglier by each click the artist made, somehow, it started horrify my senses, what the heck is going on man ?

I thought it was a joke, but no, the process kept going on, and going, up until it ended up in a... Well you'll see it for yourself, really it's worth seeing .

When it got close to the end result I couldn't bear myself to laugh hardly, let me show you what I'm talking about:

And that's not the END, you should really see the end of the video, you will be overwhelmed by laughs. After that, don't forget to comment us in the comments section to discuss the video.

He Took A Tree Trunk And Started Chopping, The Result Exceeds All Expectations

Hell yeah, what a surprise this man has made me. I've never thought that he could chop that tree trunk in such a way to make me wonder how did that big chunky tree trunk end up in such e beautiful way. No really, just take a look at the way he had managed to chop it all the way. Besides the fact that he has professional tools, no usual artisan could to that wonderful piece of art without such tools.

Could've you guess at the beginning that the end result would look like this?

I've never thought that such an old granny could do such masterful objects... But maybe he is a professional sculptor, and a guy which has this job for over twenty years or maybe more than twenty, you can imagine that has the skills to do such a great artwork. But the main question any usual guy has should be which was the process in transforming the trunk into this beautiful artwork? Well first of all you have to watch the video below and after that, if you don't understand the any of the processes we will explain them to you in the below section of the page. )

There could be some persons telling that he used too much material for his work of art... Well this is half true half not true and let me first tell you why I think it's not true: in order to make such a circular object you have to have a thick objects from which to chop them. On the second part, well yeah, the ecosystem can be damaged if many people think as this guy above and we as a species could have serious problems in the future if we continue like this.
Now let's see how he did all of this:

Firstly as you can see above, this guy first of all went to the nearest forest, took an approval from the local ranger and cut a tree which he can use for the whole winter and "sacred" this chunk of wood in order to create this beautiful artwork.

And yeah, he strated working on it, and working and working in order to polish the surface for the next step. As you can see above, the tools he uses are strictly professional. Don't try doing things like this if you can't afford such tools because you'll get disappointed by the lack of perfection you work will be at the end of the project.

After that he started cutting the material from inside out, not in reverse as some of you might think. And he chopped what he had to take out after that giving the object a roundly aspect. From then on, there was only a matter of scrupulously finishing the product in order to take the form that we can all see at the end of the video.
Now after you look at the end product, what do you think of it? Do you like the aspect that it has been given by it's master?If yes, please send us a comment in the comments section so we can talk more about his product. Would you buy it? If yes, why? Do you like it? Why?

Cum Reacționează Un Model Atunci Când Merge Cu Un Lamborghini de 1250 Cai Putere


După cum se știe bărbații sunt de cele mai multe ori atrași de mașinile puternice și rapide dar acesta nu este singurul lor ”viciu” ci pe lânga ele au nevoie și de o domnișoară frumoasă. Combinația acestor două elemente face ca de cele mai multe ori bărbații să o ia razna. Dovadă o stă și numărul mare de vizualizări al videoclipului de mai jos.

Ce este atât de special la acest clip poate vă întrebați ? Ei bine răspunsul este unul foarte simplu urmăriți-l și vă veți da seama imediat.

Ei bine in realitate domnisoara care este și model nu a fost chiar in totalitate pregătită pentru ceea ce avea să urmeze. Informațiile despre acest experiment erau pentru ea de genul că va merge cu o mașină puternică dar nu știa cât de puternică este aceasta așa că în momentul în care s-a așezat pe scaunul din dreapta nu a mai fost așa de sigură pe ea ca până atunci.

Băieții de la Underground Racing cei care s-au ocupat de realizarea acestui clip s-au gândit că aducând o domnișoară atât de frumoasă vor reuși să își promoveze mai ușor firma de tunning și alte servicii pentru autoturisme. La o primă vedere se pare că le-a și reușit având luate în calcul milioanele de vizualizări de care s-a bucurat acest videoclip. Mașina aleasă pentru el a fost un Lamborghini modificat de 1250 cai putere unic pe piața autovehiculelor până în acest moment.

Reacțiile fetei în timpul cursei cu acest Lamborghini au fost dintre cele mai variate dar cu siguranță a trăit cele mai mari emoții de până acum cu mult peste cele pe care le trăiește la prezentările de modă la care ia parte.

La sfârșit s-a declarat încântată de ceea ce a simțit în timpul cursei referindu-se în special la adrenalină. Se pare că nu numai bărbații sunt încântați de mașinile puternice și rapide ci din contră câteodată femeile sunt mult mai entuziasmate decât ei și ar face orice să conducă sau să stea pe scaunul din dreapta al unei astfel de mașini.

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The world's weirdest weddings !

The wedding is a religious or civil ceremony which takes place at the beginning of marriage.For many of us wedding is the most important time of life this is asserted especially by women in a globally study.

Why is women who see wedding the most important moment of their life? Is very simple.They want that day to be like in tales and represent the princess of that story and to be in center of all the attention.

With the importance of this event in the culture of all peoples of the world have different customs that emerged from those known to most of us seem at first glance some strange stuff.Many of them are kept regularly since the distant past and their failure is often offensive to the culture of that people.

Images captured at weddings that you see below appears that did not take into account no habit and came more than two grooms an attempt to stand out in front of those who took part in the happy event.

So here are some traditions that you will seem a little strange at the moment but will get look like what is happening in other parts of compared to where you live.

In Scotland for example the bride must be blackened.How do they do exactly? You can see in the images above. To cover with blacness guest collect all they sit in the hands of from the ash to the garbage and pour them in the bride's head.

In Greece habits are peaceful.The bride has to go to the groom's house before marriage.Here the two newlyweds will be displayed in the middle of all guests the bride stand in arms of the groom and eat of the bread found around his neck.

In Malaysia there is one of the strangest Usually it can even affect the health of their two young.More specifically they are not allowed to go to the bathroom three days before the big event.In order not to violate the habit relatives oversee each of them and not allow them to do their personal needs.

But perhaps most frightening about the wedding usually takes place in India. Here often girls are forced to marry animals. That they are prepared and dressed nice but often they do this only to the tradition and not for purely sentimental.

Cele Mai Dezamăgitoare Momente La Sala De Forță !!!

În vremurile trecute sala de forță era văzută ca un loc la care au accesul numai sportivii profesioniști și anume aiceai care se antrenează pentru a câștiga masă musculară atât de utilă pentru a da un randament cât mai bun în sporturile pe care le practică. Dar aceasta meteahnă a fost înlocuită în zilele noastrea iar acum acceesul este cât se poate de facil pentru toate categoriile fie ei sportivi de performanță sau simpli oameni care vor sa își mențină forma fizică cu ajutorul exercițiilor și al aparatelor de acolo.

Atât cât bărbații cât și femeile în zilele noastre au mereu prejudecata aceasta de a arăta cât mai bine și pentru aceasta trebuie să tragă tare în timpul liber deoarece una dintre principalele cauze ale sedentarismului este chiar locul de muncă. O altă cauză a formei precare fizice o determină alimentatia complet nesănătoasă pe care mulți dintre noi o au fie din lipsă de timp fie în necunoștiință de cauză fie chiar din lipsa finanțelor.Partea tristă este aceea că sedentarismul se instalează încă de la vârste fragede deoarece copiii din ziua de azi sunt dispuși să facă din ce în ce mai puțin efort asta și datorită influenței tehnologiei în continuă dezvoltare care îi ține de multe ori țintiți în casă.

Așadar în primul rând dacă ne hotărâm să călcăm într-o sală de forță trebuie să ținem cont de câteva aspecte extrem de importante cum ar fi stabilirea unui program de antrenament destul de strict de minim 3 zile pe săptămână iar factorul poate cel mai important din viața unui om care nu trebuie să lipsească nici în acest domeniu este răbdarea pentru că rezultatele nu se vor vedea niciodată cât ai bate din palme.

Dar cum am precizat și în începutul articolului nici un program de antrenament nu are efectele scontate 100% dacă nu este însoțit de o dietă bazată pe alimente cât mai sănătoase cum ar fi legumele și fructele proaspete și renunțarea la alimentele care conțin aditivi alimentari atât de dăunătroi organismului nostru.

Unexpected winner in an unequal fight !

An amateur cameraman has captured what is surely one of the most spectacular battle between two wild animals in the world.What actually happened there? The video below speak for themselves about the spectacular event.

We all know that both crocodiles and snakes are probably some of the most feared for the human race animals on earth.Both are carnivores so they will kill in cold blood all possible food or foe for them.So the battle between a giant snake and a crocodile is a violent spectacle.

The two animals met on the bank of a river and started a fight that would last no more and no less than five hours.Although the crocodile started with a big advantage on start, during the two giants fight the snake returned to the advantage dragging itself around the crocodile and managed to immobilize it.

After immobilized It took about 30 minutes until the crocodile to be full choked to his last breath. The fight was over and now just remained that the snake to enjoy his big meal.He succeeded to engulf the huge crocodile in just 15 minutes.

It is well known ability of snakes to swallow prey far exceeding the size of their head.These are the only animals that have this particularity and can swallow so the small creatures that they have as food daily up to wild boars or alligators in this case.

Crocodiles represents a subspecies of reptiles and from what researchers say could be one of the last wild ancestors of dinosaurs that lived millions of years on earth.They live in tropical and subtropical areas around rivers.

They are known for their ability to hide before attacking their prey in the water especially where have a technique unlike any predatory to attack. Like snakes, they are carnivores.

Snakes on the other side are a subspecies of reptiles contrary to crocodiles they don't have legs.Are found in areas more common than crocodiles and usually feed with frogs, mice and other small creatures.The snake of this images seems to be a python one of the biggest species of snakes existing in the world.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Nerves STRETCHED Out to MAXIMUM - Jerome Le Banner Kisses Him on The Mouth, The Bald Guy's Reaction is GOLD, PURE GOLD I Tell You

This happened in the early days of K-1 fights, around the year 1995 when Jerome Le Banner met Mike Bernardo in a fight. If you haven't seen this scene before, you should definitely watch it, a VERY TENSED moment dramatically ended up with smiles from both parties.

So what happened here?

Well as you may know (or may not) in the early days of K-1, Jerome Le Banner was a colossus, he had a right had punch that could end a fight in KO in just a few seconds if hit right, just as Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida and Manny Pacquiao can do today.

On the other hand, Mike Bernardo, never won a major tournament but he beat many of the best fighters through his career. You just can't deny his kick boxing skills, and even in his early days, Bernardo was sublime to watch.

By the time they've met, in 1995, both fighters were the best ones in the world stage and also being very good friends. As you can see in the above picture, as the referee called them together, they were looking one in each other's eyes as they are used to in boxing and other contact sports.

Mike Bernardo and Jerome Le Banner truly respected each other and being friends, they knew that they had to find a way to impress each other, demonstrating they're superiority before the match even begins, as you maybe know, Mike Tyson told that he won almost all of his matches psychologically just before the beginning: "I knew just in the moment I looked into they're eyes that I am going to beat them, I felt it, I smelled they're fear."

So how do you think they've impressed each other ?

Well the first one to act was Jerome Le Banner, his gesture would've put any fighter into a dilemma "What should I do??", just when Jerome thought he out beat psychologically his adversary, Mike replied with a brilliant move, which made Jerome laugh, as you can see in the above photo.

So what do you think of Mike's move? From our point of view, it was a Genius Move, he had the momentum inspiration that out beat Jerome's move. Leave us a commentary in the comments section and we'll reply to it as soon as possible.

The Most Evil Valentine's Day Prank Ever

Well yeah, we all have or had this girlfriend which is always curious about finding out everything, what are you doing, with who are hanging, what's there, who's that girl, what's in that box, etc. They just can't have patience to wait and see for themselves without too many nonsense questions, or just not to ask, or see what's happening. You know, too much curiosity isn't going to help you by the contrary, it's going to have a bad effect on you per general.

So what did this girl do?

Well her boyfriend knew about her weakness, that which is being curios, very very curios. Whenever he left a box or whatever thing that had a hidden item, it drove her mad if she wasn't able to know what's inside. So what did the guy thought? Well, it's Valentine's Day, why not prank her in the rudest way possible. Well not the rudest way possible, because he wasn't going to participate in the action, he just let her do all the action. Practically he wasn't responsible for what happened, she was the one who made all the actions.

So that's where the genius of the prank lies on, the prank was "evilesque" but he didn't managed any action, he just told her that he has a box and told her not to ever open it without him being present at the scene and also without his consent. "Just DON'T TOUCH THE BOX!". Oh yeah? Really she whispered in her mind, I just can't wait for you to be gone to open that box.

What a good guy, he welcomed her with a bouquet of flowers, he kissed her gently and as you can see she was very pleased and happy seeing this behavior from his boyfriend, which by the way, usually wasn't the nicest guy with her, not a jerk either, he was just always teasing her all the time. Maybe this time she thought that was something "wrong" with him, he was behaving too well to be true.
And after he gave her the bouquet, he told her that he will leave for a half an hour, wait for me till I come back and please, but PLEASE, don't open this box, just wait for me to come back. He locked the car (intentionally) and after that he left.
Guess what she had done in the meantime, well yeah, she opened the box and she had the WORST SURPRISE of HER LIFE, she never thought that he could hide such things in a box and especially baiting her to open it. In the above pic, she is begging him to open the car door and let her out, but NOPE, that wasn't going to happen, he filmed all her reactions and after that he uploaded the video on youtube just for fun, so that everyone could see her curious behavior in action .

So what do you think, of her extreme curiosity do you think she will repeat it in the future? Leave us a comment in the comments section so that we can discuss this matter together.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

You Thought HULK Doesn't Exist? It Means You Haven't Saw This Black Guy PUMPING UP Weights

At least once in a lifetime we've all went to the gym to get some muscles and you know, when you first get there you see a group of muscle packed humans that seem they can lift mountains without even clinching.
Well yeah that's what we're talking about in this video, meet HULK.
HULK as he's known in his friends circle, has over 120kg and it's a sensation among the fellows that go to the gym in the area where he goes too. Not few people coming to that gym tried to provoke him to a weight lifting conquest. What happened? Well he beat the hell out of each one of them, making them feel shameful that they even thought that they can beat him. So what's so special about this big guy? Well besides the fact that he weights over 120 kg, he has an innate ability to lift big, heavy weights especially on the bench, working his chest muscles.
In the above picture, you can see him preparing himself to lift some weights, professional style, before each series, he kind of contemplates focusing at what he has to do, saying that this has helped him a lot during his professional years as a heavyweight bench press pusher.
Now that's what I'm talking about, look at the rings surrounding his bar, can you count them? One, two, three, four, five ! Whao, that means 5 x 20 kilo, 100 kg on each part of the bar, double it by two and you'll have 200 kg, add the bar 16 kg and you'll see that he lifts 216 kg on each push-up. I mean... That's a lot of weight considering that he has only 120 kg (and when I say only, I compare it with the weight he's lifting).
Now again he started a new series of push ups, I could say that a training session consists of multiple heavy lifting series and a few light weight lifting in order to define the muscles. So staying in the gym for about 2 - 2.30 hours means that he's lifting TONS every day.

Whaa ! That's astonishing, it makes me feel so weak in comparison with him. What's your opinion on his performance? We would love to hear from you in the comments section.

Epic 5 meter ANACONDA Fights Military Soldiers

First of all I want to tell you that Anacondas are very big snakes, quite one of the largest ones, if not the largest. They can weight up to 400 Lbs(181 kg) and can grow up to 25 feet in length(7.6m)
They're among the most feared animals in the animal kingdom and they are usually making they're home in the jungles of South America. They are also known to love rivers, slow moving rivers especially.

As cities expanded and people started building homes nearer and nearer to they're home guess what happened?

You're right, she attacked !!!

In that moment, the people from the rural Brazil called in the BPA. Who is BPA you might ask? Well it's a militarized police force which shifted they're activity into fighting wildlife, protecting the environment and keeping citizens safe.

In this very day, Lt. Gilmar a BPA veteran and other 2 soldiers were called to solve a delicate problem in a village near a wide river in Brazil. The homeowner found a LARGE Anaconda in his Garden. The police officers when arriving at the villager's home saw that the problem was even more delicate that first thought. The anaconda had about 5m(that's about 16 feet) and was very aggressive because of many reasons:

First of all they were trying to capture her, an other reason was that it was raining outside. When anacondas are wet, they feel they are extremely confident, and feel like they can take over the world.
The Anacond put up a big fight with them, it was very very hard to try to bag her, which wasn't the perfect solution so they had to change plans. The cornered the Anaconda and managed to put a with a lunge, grabbed it by the head, being able to capture it and save the day.
This being said, the day was saved, though it was a hard day for Lt Gilmar and his fellow teammates, everything ended up alright. But after watching the above video, we are curious what's your opinion on they're strategy. How do you find it?
We're anxious in hearing your opinion about this matter so don't hesitate to comment in the comments section.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Through Which Method Are These Russians Catching Over 10.000 Fish in One Try

Whao, you know, Russians never cease to amaze me, but this method is truly amazing. But when it comes to creativity and innovation inside a field which doesn't request a large amount of money, on the contrary, which requests a large amount of creativity and a small amount of money, they are top, top inventors.
So, what was in their mind this time?
It's an inevitable question which has a common answer, they were trying to solve a tough problem with low resources. How can I get as many fishes possible with the lowest resources from my part? And I think they managed to solve this problem in quite an interesting way. I don't know how many of us would have thought at this solution. So let's see the video and enjoy this creativity scene

Now if you're an experienced fisherman you might've seen something somehow similar, don't know if quite the same technique but something that looks alike. Well I mean you have to be not just an ordinary fisherman, you have to have somewhat experience in the fishing industry in order to see this kind of approach.
So let's see how did they brought so much of a fish to land. It should be a quite interesting process.

So firstly, they had dig a hole in the big thick block of ice, after that they had prepared a big net, which was ready to be placed inside the big hole.
Don't worry, the big net will not be loosed inside the cold waters of the lake, they have thought at this before and done it a several times, as the proverb with practice there comes perfection, the people are ready to pull the fishes out of the frozen lake.
And YES, look at them, over ten thousand fishes came out of the lake, it's a quite impressive figure, thinking that it took such a short time to get them. But don't think this was easy, the Russians had a hidden feature that led them to their impressive catch, that which only by seeing the video. So take a look at the video and tell us what's your impression about it.

Old Russian Grandpa Builds a Chainsaw Out of a Grinder

Well at least once in a lifetime, we all need a skillful person around the house, you know, once in a while some of our appliances can go flat out, and don't knowing how to fix them could be a very serious problem. In that situation we can call a firm specialized in fixing things around the house, or we can call a neighbor.
But what happens when you are a master of juggling with households doing whatever you want with them?
This kind of artisan happens to be filmed in Russia, the country where everything is possible, in the video he shows us his mastery skills, transforming an old Grinder into a new Chainsaw.
Could that be possible, you might ask?
Well regarding his experience in playing around with things changing their form and appearance, this old guy seems to be dealing really well with his job of top repairman of his village.
I mean, you don't get that famous all around the web for nothing, you have to have some sort of skill on your part.
So he looks pretty skillful at first sight, we have to see him in action in order to form a clear opinion.

As we have seen above the guy is pretty talented in his work and skillful too he had all the people from his village to watch the video that made him a star around the world in just few days and all they were pretty impressed about his talent.

So here he is, he looks like 80 to me but his hands have the precision of a 25 year old person, he is known around the village as Master Khorkov, and he's called up whenever there is something to be done in one house or another, everybody loves him and treat him with much respect.
Here are his precise hands in action. As one neighbor said, he is one hell of a master of his artwork, nobody in the village or close villages can keep up with his skills, and as we saw above the neighbor is damn right, he is a very precise worker who can transform your sink into a refrigerator(just kidding).
Here he is almost finishing his artwork, as we can call it so, at which he worked more than an hour, which by your surprise is such a short term furnishing such a complicated act. This old man deserves respect from his peers and is a hell of a master in his specific artwork.
But what do you think? Do you like what he had done?
Do you think is complicated to replicate his job?
Well I do think so, if you have different opinion please leave us a comment in the comments section and we'll answer with ours.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

This man had a surprise when he opened this chocolate !

A young man from United States of America has had a big surprise after the last purchases made at a supermarket in the town where he lives.Are you courious what happened exactly?

Man acquired through usual shopping his preferred chocolate bar.His luck was that before the bar opened bite looked at it.The shock was greatest when he saw what was in chocolate bar.

A bee sitting dead, crushed in its composition. "I was very lucky that I took a look before to bite of chocolate or do not know what effect it had on my body." said the man.

After this mishap the man mentioned that contacted immediately the representatives of the company that produces these chocolate bars.Following this complaint they said they will take all necessary measures stricter checking of batches produced and presented a public apology to their clients.

What would you have done if this happens to you? What reaction do you think you have?

Chocolate is probably the most loved sweet food in the entire world.Chocolate is incredibly delicious mixture consisting of sugar, cocoa and sometimes milk or other flavors.

Over time manufacturers have tried to give as many interesting shapes that attract their customers to sell chocolate.Therefore have appeared chocolate tablets that are probably the most consumed and known all over the planet. In addition to the tablet format there are other types such as chocolate bar or chocolate ice cream plus more. :

There are three basic types of chocolate: classic dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and white chocolate.Each of these to each other have a trait that distinguishes quite important in composition.

The history of chocolate is recorded occurrence of more than 2,000 years when it is alleged that in the South American cacao tree was discovered.In the europe seems to have been brought by the great conqueror Cortez who came to the king of Portugal with a drink like chocolate.

After studies by researchers around the world concluded that chocolate is a benefic food to the human body.For example, regular consumption of dark chocolate especially bring important benefits to the circulatory system.

She had a big surprise when she saw what has in Boots !

A teenager in the United Kingdoom has had an accident which will hardly forget in her life. All unexpected event occurred shortly before going to a regular walk in the city.

What happened exactly? After he dressed and arranged for the hang out she was turned to the door where she want tu put on her boots but but at that time had a huge surprise.

She screamed suddenly and her parents quickly came to see what happened to their daughter.All were amazed to see that in one of the two boots is quite big snake.

The girl's father has finally got the courage and took her boot and led it out in front of the house where he released then uninvited guest.The question that arose in their minds was how it came this creature in their house especially as the door was always closed.

In the days following the randomness I was quite affected especially if uninvited guest did not know was accompanied on his visit by their home by a friend and will have to get scared again.

How would you have reacted if you have found something like this in your house?

The snake is an animal with no legs and is part of one of the subspecies of reptiles. There are many species of snakes in the whole world all of which are carnivorous and some of them are poisonous. A bite of a venomous snake such can even be fatal untreated in time.

The main feature that distinguishes snakes from other animals is the opening of the facial bones so large that they can ingest the prey even if it is larger than their heads. Also snakes are covered in scales the body from head to tail with a structure different from others are very hard for more protection.

As habitat snakes are found in all backgrounds less air so not exist flying snakes.They usually feed on mice and frogs but often prefer to eat snakes even lower than they are. Their language is a very important element of the snakes body with them because they can hear smell and feel the taste. Also their sight is different then other regular animals.They see in infrared way more specifically detecting the warmth of the bodies that surrounding them.

The future is heading to this !

After the events that are happening in the world in the last period and crazy race arming with nuclear weapons this article certainly could be one useful in case of a disaster such nuclear but also biological.

So even if it seems strange some of us have thought ahead on this and began the work of  some types of shelters specifically designed against these disastrous events.

Many would think that such a settlement would cost a fortune and it would be impossible for an ordinary man but lo, an American company has come up with a great offer for potential customers which will cost about 35,000 US dollars.

After you have chosen the location where you want to install your new anti-war home the company that will build all the settlement get to work that lasts more than 2 weeks.

First will excavate soil to a depth of up to 15 meters. After this process will bring the entire settlement antinuclear already built and equipped and it will be installed in the deepest part of the excavation. For some additional costs may be room equipped with luxury amenities but neither standard features can not be neglected.

After this stage will build and connect to ventilation systems that communicate with the outside. To ensure the electric current inside the bunker are arranged in the outer solar well camouflaged.

After all ventilation and connection to electricity it is covered with earth and will maka a camouflaged exit that none will never suspect that there's someone can hide a house there.

Looking at the inside it will find it very comfortable this home. Besides the usual sleeping beds which are arranged face to face on two levels there is also a relaxation room that contains even a television and other interesting things. He would call home if you did not have a bathroom and kitchen and of course completely normal vessel containing toilet and shower of course.

For sure you will want a house like this in the future.