Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That means a big monster !

One of the biggest enemies of the people in the field of animals is definitely the crocodile.This fierce animal appeared on earth long before there was human. If you doubt about dangerousness you better watch the video below and you will totally change what you think !

The crocodile of this images is the biggest capture of an animal man-made and the second largest crocodile ever seen around the world. He was captured by the two zoologists helped by several local people.

After being caught this monster was brought to the center of the village to be admired by all locals.Many of them did not come to believe that exist such creatures on Earth.

Crocodile impressive length was determined from measurements that is about six meters.Weight was not measured but it is believed that it was over one tonne that makes definitely something impressive in the face of the villagers even if they are normally accustomed to see crocodiles often enough around places where they live.

A brave villager had the courage to touch the fierce lizard on her nose. And he could not believe that even though it was alive was quiet and calm. But nothing was to herald the ordeal that was to begin.

At one point the monster began to struggle and start to release what was holding immobile.Those present were instantly panicked many of them running away without looking back.One of the videographers from a local television even climbed a tree because of fear.

Meanwhile crocodile managed to release more and more and panic grew as the middle of which was brought to the center of the village was crushed under the weight of the monster that was struggling.At one point he still has not managed to free himself from the last rope and villagers mobilized themselves and tied him this time was no longer able to struggle and the danger to free himself.

This episode made ??people even closer to crocodile and even became a symbol of the village.He was held the captivity for two years and 2013 days unfortunately his last breath.

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