Friday, March 7, 2014

Old Russian Grandpa Builds a Chainsaw Out of a Grinder

Well at least once in a lifetime, we all need a skillful person around the house, you know, once in a while some of our appliances can go flat out, and don't knowing how to fix them could be a very serious problem. In that situation we can call a firm specialized in fixing things around the house, or we can call a neighbor.
But what happens when you are a master of juggling with households doing whatever you want with them?
This kind of artisan happens to be filmed in Russia, the country where everything is possible, in the video he shows us his mastery skills, transforming an old Grinder into a new Chainsaw.
Could that be possible, you might ask?
Well regarding his experience in playing around with things changing their form and appearance, this old guy seems to be dealing really well with his job of top repairman of his village.
I mean, you don't get that famous all around the web for nothing, you have to have some sort of skill on your part.
So he looks pretty skillful at first sight, we have to see him in action in order to form a clear opinion.

As we have seen above the guy is pretty talented in his work and skillful too he had all the people from his village to watch the video that made him a star around the world in just few days and all they were pretty impressed about his talent.

So here he is, he looks like 80 to me but his hands have the precision of a 25 year old person, he is known around the village as Master Khorkov, and he's called up whenever there is something to be done in one house or another, everybody loves him and treat him with much respect.
Here are his precise hands in action. As one neighbor said, he is one hell of a master of his artwork, nobody in the village or close villages can keep up with his skills, and as we saw above the neighbor is damn right, he is a very precise worker who can transform your sink into a refrigerator(just kidding).
Here he is almost finishing his artwork, as we can call it so, at which he worked more than an hour, which by your surprise is such a short term furnishing such a complicated act. This old man deserves respect from his peers and is a hell of a master in his specific artwork.
But what do you think? Do you like what he had done?
Do you think is complicated to replicate his job?
Well I do think so, if you have different opinion please leave us a comment in the comments section and we'll answer with ours.

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