Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This couple it's dangerous !

Certainly you have seen many couples fakirs over time that makes a lot of theatrical extremely dangerous stunts  but tell you what you will see from the two in images below is absolutely crazy.

The two are husband and wife and are called Barmi Bhramaramba and Balashankar with surname Budati.She is 39 years old and he's 40 they have 2 childrens and perform dangerous stunts for over 10 years.They are originally from India and living in region called Andhra Pradesh.Began their first representations in front of local people.

What incredible things they do exactly? The husband Balashankar handles the swords quite well and manages to cut and break all sorts of objects having the support point his wife's body.He smash coconots , tube lights , concrete slabs and other hard objects

The images speak for themselves what crazy things can do these two. So I think you should know more about the history of fakirs.

The fakir is a Hindu or a Muslim magician endowed with alleged paranormal powers.Among the such called miracles that he can do we can remember: multiplying coins, cut or knotted rope trick , numbers that are supposed to not feel pain occasioned by a blunt object can move objects with mind power can fall into invulnerability can levitate and many more.

Many of those who visited India and saw these I are questioning people's perception of the body anumitele skills to make things impossible to explain scientifically.The following incident will frighten you.

In some stories it looks like a fakir managed to stay in the ground about 100 days when he was out there he looks like a yellow body without vital signs but after some data and a massage cures for 32 hours and it miraculously came back to life and murmured a few words.Incredible as it seems all in this story is so scary.

For viewers of these fakirs never existed as real question is what they do or how they got everything false is what I see as a fact that happens.

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