Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Unique experiment - When Coke and hot lava meet

Perhaps you've often wondered what happens if hot lava meets various objects in its path. Now you have the opportunity to see what spectacular things happen when such an event occurs.

In the experiment we face in the spotlight two Coke cans and of course the main character is hot lava. This test has two parts one box is drilled in the top and the other box is left exactly as it is in front of the hot challenge.

For the first part of the experiment in which the box is pierced filmmakers were expected spurting juice box with power off but not happened exactly as they wanted. it came out of the box with very little power despite the 2000 degrees Celsius it was attacked by lava.

The second part of the experiment is less spectacular than the first. Coke box without holes crack on contact with incandescent lava without creating a spectacular image.

The experiment was conducted using a Nikon D800 and a GoPro camera to play both sound and images in a higher fidelity.

This is part of a series of many such experiments that follow reaction of various materials and objects in contact with incandescent lava that has temperatures above 2,000 degrees celsius.

For people who are somewhat concerned that nature has suffered from these experiments because they can sit quietly used items are fully melted on contact with hot lava and does not leave any residues.

You can see in these experiments and more useful than visual impact, namely Think this is an impressive method of recycling biodegradable heavy objects.

We strongly recommend not to try to create such experiments at home. These are performed by professionals and during filming no one was injured or came into contact with hot lava. Yet if you have a source of lava near the house last concern would be to make an experiment with a heavy object biodegradable.

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