Thursday, February 20, 2014

That happens when you think you're too strong

It stand in human nature that people typically exploit the weaknesses of the weakest persons.But what happens when exploiting weaknesses reach extreme and resort to violent means to intimidate less powerful person? The images below come to us clarify on these issues!

The man in the photos seems to have adopted the method explained above.He seems to have a conflict with his girlfriend.It reproaches that despite being offered all things like hose, money , car and a family it is not grateful and cheating on him.

At one point he even said "I bet right now you're just messages that fool" in reference to a possible love affair.Even after these words the conflict between the two degenerate and he wants to apply a correction to his girlfriend.

When he raised his fist to strike the face is the culmination.He had never expect something like that to come.Out of nowhere appears a force that stops her hand.It's just a spider web and a man equipped Spiderman succeed in stop conflict.

Visibly shocked recalcitrant lover give back and try to escape the strange disguise.but is not allowed to escape is even more restrained on the ground by several moves of karate.

The end is brilliant Spiderman costume freak climb behind the bully wheel car and goes on to save other people.Of course this whole scene is likely to be a big joke but fun time is priceless.

Famous spider man is a comic book character that made history later in all possible environments and cartoons to films which gathered hundreds of millions of views and collections record.

He is among the little ones actually a good symbol of one of the most respected superheroes. It probably was also the argument in disguise this character.Other superheroes otherwise known as the good are Batman , Captain America , Captain Planet and many others

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