Sunday, February 16, 2014

You can not believe how this guy moves

The show Got Talent is famous all over the world bring to viewers some of the most talented people in the world.

Here we face the concrete example of such pure talent in the average person. Boy succeeded despite physical appearances to her amaze both jury and audience throughout. His movements have shown an essential when you can accomplish anything you want regardless of obstacles.

The story of this boy begins long before they held auditions for the show India's Got Talent. He is originally from a small town in India and became a star in front of his neighbors after appearing in the famous television show. He has prepared for those three minutes of the show total no less than 2 years under the careful guidance of his father. Passion for dance comes from the father who is a very good dancer.

Evolution to the public was one excited jurors did not come to believe that such a boy who has a problem with weight at his age can have both vitality and can raise a standing room receiving applause and ovation. They congratulated him and offered him the chance to continue in the competition advising him to continue in the same optimistic note during its evolution.

To show in India this evolution meant a greater recognition internationally. The video with the boy soon became viral on the internet and made increasingly more people curious to see what talents are hidden in this country known for its famous dancers.

India's Got Talent format is similar to others in the group SIMCO LIMITED British Got Talent that makes programs like this in many countries worldwide. In India the show debuted in 2009 on the television network COLORS TELEVISION and gathered hundreds of millions of viewers throughout the seasons then until now.

Unlike other countries that jury composed of 4 stars in India are just three famous personalities of the country. However tradition jurors vote until the semifinal stage following that is kept here for this and for the final vote belong to the public that will decide the big winner.

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