Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Special Head shocked everyone with his number of levitation

Television show America's Got Talent is one of the most popular in the world for bringing to the public many people of real talent. The show is part of the British franchise called GOT TALENT. It is transmitted by NBC and collect hundreds of millions of viewers every year.

The character in the video it is a really special person.He calls himself Special Head and we think maybe because of his head without hair but it's not like that. He belives he has one of the most spectacular ability in the world , the levitation.

Even if at first so three jurors and the whole audience was downright disgusted by the spectacle of him , in the end they recognized the value and talent and applauded him.One of the jurors to press x during performances but in the end it made ??a unique gesture by withdrawing the x and promoting him in the next phase of competition.

But what made ??it so special Special Head? He did a number that probably few people in the world could make it more precise levitated.Now you'll wonder what the big deal is to levitate ? Levitation it is a big deal !

What is actually levitation? Is the ability of people with unusual abilities to float in the air or do some objects float on the surface where they are placed without being touched. They are also known to occultists.

For example in 2006 a complex experiment of scientists has managed tomake some objects float through the scientific method. Objects that were part of this experiment there were some small ants such as bees and beetles. They were placed in a field generated by sonic pressure.

Scientific so far no one has managed to make a body weight of a person or even a person to levitate though over time in front of us were seen examples of that in this case people who levitates They claimed that their supernatural powers are to blame for such achievements.

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