Thursday, February 20, 2014

These are jokes in russian way !

These men work in a service in Russia and it seems that they have too much free time.Why say this? Just look what a joke went in their mind and then you will give me right.

What happened more specifically ? This service workers wanted to make an innocent joke to their friend who is also worker in this unit but things took an unexpected turn.

Frist they choosed to use an airbag that remained from a badly damaged car arrived in service.They sat the airbag between some tires and have positioned opening up for more powerful force that pushes what was on it.They put a towel over it found between tires and they invited their friend to sit and rest exactly where they hid the airbag

He sat relaxed as if nothing would happen and began to clap both hands.When he knocked a second time airbag designed to open and direct propel him in the ceiling.Kick has proved to be more serious than expected grumpy colleagues so silence was let down when they saw their friend stretched motionless on the floor.After a few seconds he recovered and visible under the infuence shock was rewarded by his comrades with a bottle of beer.

Finally all laughed and pulled the conclusion that such jokes do not make sense despite their large dose of fun.Airbag should therefore be used only to what he actually serves.

Airbag also known as air cushion is one of the most important safety devices in vehicles today.It is designed so that can quickly inflate in a collision to prevent injury to passengers of hard objects inside the car and is made of a flexible material.

The inventor is an American scientist by the name of Allen Breed who actually created the main element of an airbag, the inertial sensor for collision detection in 1967.Airbag came to series production machines composed in 1970 as an alternative to the seat belt.

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