Thursday, March 6, 2014

This man had a surprise when he opened this chocolate !

A young man from United States of America has had a big surprise after the last purchases made at a supermarket in the town where he lives.Are you courious what happened exactly?

Man acquired through usual shopping his preferred chocolate bar.His luck was that before the bar opened bite looked at it.The shock was greatest when he saw what was in chocolate bar.

A bee sitting dead, crushed in its composition. "I was very lucky that I took a look before to bite of chocolate or do not know what effect it had on my body." said the man.

After this mishap the man mentioned that contacted immediately the representatives of the company that produces these chocolate bars.Following this complaint they said they will take all necessary measures stricter checking of batches produced and presented a public apology to their clients.

What would you have done if this happens to you? What reaction do you think you have?

Chocolate is probably the most loved sweet food in the entire world.Chocolate is incredibly delicious mixture consisting of sugar, cocoa and sometimes milk or other flavors.

Over time manufacturers have tried to give as many interesting shapes that attract their customers to sell chocolate.Therefore have appeared chocolate tablets that are probably the most consumed and known all over the planet. In addition to the tablet format there are other types such as chocolate bar or chocolate ice cream plus more. :

There are three basic types of chocolate: classic dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and white chocolate.Each of these to each other have a trait that distinguishes quite important in composition.

The history of chocolate is recorded occurrence of more than 2,000 years when it is alleged that in the South American cacao tree was discovered.In the europe seems to have been brought by the great conqueror Cortez who came to the king of Portugal with a drink like chocolate.

After studies by researchers around the world concluded that chocolate is a benefic food to the human body.For example, regular consumption of dark chocolate especially bring important benefits to the circulatory system.

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