Saturday, March 1, 2014

Something Amazing Happens When You Mix Coke With Milk

Around the web there had been a lot of rumor about what happens when you try to mix Coke with Mentos, so many comments around this subject made buzz all around the web, everybody trying his own experiment at home, buying a bottle of Coke and a couple of Mentos and with some friends mixing them up in order to have a great fun.

But have you ever wondered what's happening when you mix up Coke with Milk? Have you ever tried this?

I BET YOU DIDN'T and that's why today I'm going to show you what kind of interesting reaction this combination can popup. You will be overwhelmed by the end result, REALLY I wasn't expecting this kind of outcome. Somehow it blew my mind.

So let's see what surprise we have prepared to you, be ready to have a BIG SURPRISE!

As the difference between the mix that I've told you beforehand, Coke With Milk has a different outcome, it doesn't pop-up everywhere in your room or wherever you are, it's a more complex chemical reaction that has to settle down in order to see the full effect of it's power.

So let's start our experiment:

As you've might expected, at first we need a Coke Bottle and A Milk one
After you have those two bottles, you can clearly start your experiment, besides this you might use a straw or even an empty glass or, I've seen experiments where the milk is poured directly into the bottle of Coke with a spoon, so yes, you could use a spoon too
As you can see here, you can use any kind of Coke, any bottle from any country will Work
And yes, I've been asked a lot of questions lately if Coca Cola from any country works, and the answer is YES, even if you live in Pakistan or in the Philippines Hawaii or United States, go buy a bottle of Coke and try this aweseome experiment at home.
Yes, any type of Milk can be used too, it doesn't matter which one you may want to chose
Maybe you are afraid that your experiment may not work out as planned but don't worry, you're not spending money on things for nothing, you can use any kind of milk in this experiment and be sure that it will work as fine as you expect.
Then Start pouring some milk into the Coke bottle
Be careful, the Coke bottle has to be almost full and you don't have to exaggerate with the quantity of milk poured into the bottle, just keep it at a minimum, not too much but not too less, medium is always right, as you can see in the above video keep it that way.
Put the bottle cap on and mix them a bit together and see what happens
The outcome of the video is pretty impressing, as you can see in the video posted above, click on it and you will be shocked of what happens next.

BEWARE, you have to wait a bit up until the result starts happening, just put the bottle cap on, mix the liquids together, wait a few time and you'll see them start changing their appearance in the MOST AWESOME WAY POSSIBLE !!! Try it at home and share with us your cool experiment result :)

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