Wednesday, February 19, 2014

That's the referee you don't want to annoy !

Many times we have been witnessing in contact sports event in which judges were often struck by the two combatants while he was trying to separate them or to stop the fight.This is the greatest danger of the job these referees were also most former fighters and are also accustomed to receive such blows involuntary.

In the video below we have exactly one of these common situations but unlike most times is quite painful end.One of the two combatants is too caught up in the fight and when the referee tries to break it she slips him a punch.This is where things take a turn quite unexpected.

The referee did not accept discipline competitor and apply a correction in its own style.More specifically he was a former kick-boxing practitioner so the participant beats the competition with his own weapons.The is not reaction from the knocked and soon it reaches down to the floor.

The referee is stopped hard by other officials but after they all jump on it like a lion in a cage struggles to apply kicks to the man who annoyed him.In the end the audience was delighted that representative and wildly applauded the bully.

Kick-boxing is one of the most popular contact sports in the world is part of the martial arts.Its usefulness is not just in competitive sports contact it being used as a method of self-defense and as a method of slimming and keeping in shape for those who practice

The first kick boxing competitions emerged in the 1960s in the Japanese version and 10 years later came the American version .Its evolution as a sport was fast enough so that in 1993 gave birth to one of the most popular branches of competition K1.

Rules regarding kick-boxing are a mix of methods from the other contact sports. Such rules are borrowed from both the traditional boxing and karate.The difference from the box is to allow kicks are a determining factor in these battles

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